Perceptions of Reality

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im confused at why caleb is sleeping in frankies bed with frankie? seriously what is his deal? you are a grown ass man, why are you sharingg your bed with another man?

this has nothing to do with sexuality but you see these people all day everyday. there are numerous beds around.

who in their…

Caleb and Frankie have both talked before about how they are both more comfortable sharing a bed than sleeping alone.  Caleb has talked numerous times about when him and his brothers were living with his mom they only had two bedrooms so he is used to sleeping with his brothers.  In my honest opinion though…I think Caleb MAY…and I say MAY actually be feeling something for Frankie…if you listen to his convos lately…he has been asking Frankie questions about being gay…way more so than he has in the past…and I don’t think that has anything to do with him wanting fame

Aug 23


Maybe I am in the minority here…but seeing people (esp. alot of zankie fans) talking about how Caleb has only gotten this close to Frankie since his sister reveal REALLY frustrates me.  Those people have obviously not watched since the beginning.

Caleb and Frankie have ALWAYS been close…in my opinion the closest in the house.  Yes, Zach and Frankie flirted and Frankie def. feels something for Zach I think.  But, I think if Caleb reciprocated like Zach, then Zankie would have never had a chance. 

Regardless of that thought, Caleb and Frankie defintly have the closest friendship in the house and trust each other completly. 

The most telling part of their relationship is the BOB with Caleb and Frankie.  If you watch the clip…this is what I notice…

*Frankie mentions him and Caleb are very very close

*Caleb can’t look Frankie in the eye because he can’t lie to him…it’s impossible for him

And the most telling…

*After Frankie wins and embraces Caleb, he immediatly starts crying and telling him I’m sorry, and if you listen closely, you can hear Caleb say “it’s ok”

Alot of fans were upset as to why Frankie was crying and telling Caleb he was sorry when he should be mad at him.  The reason was because Frankie knew he legitimaly hurt the ONE person that he KNOWS he can trust.

People also forget that Caleb asked Frankie to stay and sleep with him in his HOH the first week…and…for the most part…they have slept together or next to each almost every week.

SO, does it seem like they have gotten closer lately…sure…to the houseguests it should seem that way.  The less people there are in the house, the more you notice things like that.  But, for any fans that have watched livefeeds since the beginning to think that Caleb and Frankie’s closeness came out of nowhere or is manipulative on his part is crazy.  Frankie has said from day 1, NUMEROUS times, that he trusts Caleb with his life “in and outside of the game”  We will probably never know what happened between them the few nights before feeds came on that bonded them so much.  Point is, it did …and we as fans  should appreciate both of them for that.  In my opinion, if Zach wasn’t on the show, or got evicted week 2 like FRANKIE tried to do, then Zankie would never have been talked about the focus would be Frankie and Caleb…they’ve always been there together, and that’s how it will stay.

Sorry for my rant, but as a Caleb and Frankie fan from day 1…I’m tired of seeing twitter and tumblr posts about their fake friendship based on stardom

Aug 17


but did anyone hear caleb say frankie was distraught about backdooring zach because I heard that clear as day

Umm…sorry to burst your bubble but Cody told Caleb…I think Frankie’s sad about putting up Zach and Caleb said “well he for sure is distraught about putting up Victoria”

May 27

Tug of War

I feel like it’s a tug of war between Narry and Zouis with Liam in the middle.  Like, he has this connection with Louis through songwriting, but I know that both Harry and Niall have helped him through some hard times recently…so, if anything I feel most bad for Liam…because I feel like battle-lines between the other four have been sort of drawn over the last year or so…but like, Liam is torn and wants to make both sides happy.

All I know is, if anyone is tired of the band and wants out…then just leave…don’t bring the whole band down with you.  That’s all I will say on that issue.

May 27

Can we just remember today how awesome Niall Horan is how when he sings “I’m here for you” to the entire fandom…he truly means it…

May 27

Narry and supporting Niall

I feel now more than ever we need to keep tweeting and reblogging Niall’s charity event and croke park because like…

Niall had one moment…this weekend…and it was all him…and he was amazing and deserves EVERYTHING….and now it’s all going to be overshadowed by the Zouis drama…

On a sidenote…we as narry fans love it when niall and harry are together on their own…and sometimes with liam…now I think we know why they choose to do that…haha

May 26

Narry movie

In the back of my mind Im wondering if the new 1D movie will be narrys way of announcing they are together…like I am ready for a romcom with one direction…haha!

May 26

narry hug!

OMG in the new video from the narry hug after Harrys goal…its from a different angle…

Harry gives Niall a nice butt tap at the end of the hug!

Harry is definitely going to score in more ways than one today…haha

Mar 07

postlikethissss said: Oh my god that is a narry song!!!!!!! It fits them so well!!! I'm writing a Narry story on wattpad, would you mind if I used it in the story? I won't take credit for it or anything I'll mention your wattpad name or twitter name if whatever you want x

Haha I don’t mind at all…you don’t have to mention me or anything…I just wanted your opinion on it…actually…if you make song vids or know someone that does then I would just love for someone to make a narry vid to that song!

Dec 26

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I really want to tone down the obvious amount of attention the narry shippers has had lately

I mean..

I know it’s not our fault but Narry is starting to get alot of the boys attention and not only them but alot of other people

Louis’s mom even ask ‘whats a narry ’ for fucks sake.

I don’t want…

just a heads up…that’s not Louis’ mom official twitter…it’s a fake account